When working with cancer you have to be on the front lines of technology. There is so much we still don’t know about the numerous variations of this deadly form of illness. To cope with this doctors, hospitals and researchers need to work together to establish more and more knowledge between them to ensure safe, smart and of course working treatments to whatever form of this menacing threat that might occur in the day to day life of a medical professional. Of course there are several forms of therapy to learn from and to use to understand more and get to know the different forms of cancer and how they behave.


Common form of therapy

There are several forms of therapy that are commonly used in diagnosing and treating different forms of cancer. One of the commons ones are Electron Beam Therapy (EBT).

EBT is regarded as a straightforward method for electron beam planning and provides a clear way of working with mixed electron and photon plans. Of course with either independent or multiple coupled beam sets for the individual treatment plan. EBT is working together with 3D visualization methods to easier enable the examination of the patients geometry and body. A module like this one is able to automatically generate at clear cut out shape similar to the ones generated by a 3D-CRT module through treat-and-protect tools.


Other forms of therapy

Another common form och therapy is tomotherapy. This is when the patient is only exposed to radiation on a specific place. Tomo comes from greek and means “slice”. This is done by a linear accelerator beam. This form of therapy should be used in relation to functions for

multi-criteria optimization, plan explorer and adaptive planning to design an optimal treatment plan for every individual patient.

Different forms of therapy
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